A Flâneur Along Intramuros

Last July, my professor took us out on a recreational photo walk – and by recreational I meant that we recreated photos of old Manila and added some modern twist to it – along Intramuros, which was historically charming. It was almost as if certain aspects of it were locked in the past. So we…

Monthly Loves: September 2016

I swear, September flew by in a blink! It almost feels like we were just celebrating my birthday yesterday and now the month is about to end. It’s scary. Despite time seeming to be in turbo speed, I still got to try and love several things throughout the month. So, without further ado, here are…

FOTD: Chill Day Saturday

Happy Saturday! Here’s a quick Face of the Day (FOTD) before my sisters and I head out to catch a movie. Nothing too glamorous or dramatic. It’s really simple, actually. Just a nice matte brown for the eyes to give them some depth. I have little eyelid space so I always have to bring the…

The Sunday Currently

Find out what I’ve been up to today! Here’s my first ever The Sunday Currently entry on this blog.

To My 25 Year-Old Self

I decided to write myself a short letter for when I reach the age of 25. I know that in 5 years, a lot of things would have changed by then – and hopefully, in a good way. I figured I should debut this blog with something really personal. Also a good way to bid my teenage years farewell. Time flies by so fast, damn.