This or That

I haven’t written on here in a while so I figured to break the ice by doing a little tag called This or That. Basically, I’m presented with two options and I pick which ones I like prefer.

Life Update: January & February 2017

It’s been a while since my last blog entry so I decided to write a life update. In all honesty, I’ve been a busy bee. My, oh my. Juggling school, internship, freelance, and my personal life altogether is a handful! I’m currently on my last term in college and I wish I could tell you that…

To My 25 Year-Old Self

I decided to write myself a short letter for when I reach the age of 25. I know that in 5 years, a lot of things would have changed by then – and hopefully, in a good way. I figured I should debut this blog with something really personal. Also a good way to bid my teenage years farewell. Time flies by so fast, damn.